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Update on Lola at 11 Years Old

October 13, 2017   Dear Family and Friends, It is hard to believe that Lola is 11 years old!  As a pre-teen, she is still as sweet as can be.  She is shy, but witty and funny.  She is kind and compassionate and in her words, “A goody two shoes.”  She has recently started guitar …

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Letter from Gigi and Pops 2012

April 2, 2012 Dear Family and Friends: Lola just turned six and recently had her 7th laser surgery. She is in kindergarten, learning how to read and loves it. Her seizure activity has increased the past few months with each one being different. They are scary as some are subtle, her eyes fixated and her …

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Dear Sturge Weber Syndrome

For Lola and others like her… Dear Sturge-Weber Syndrome: When you came into our life We prayed that you would go Sometimes what we want Isn’t what we get, this I know We don’t like that you are here You make everyone cry You bring sadness and fear We wish we could bid you good …

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2011 – A Wonderful Year

Happy Birthday Lola

Happy Birthday Lola The day you were born was such a delight I ran through Atlanta airport not about to miss my flight I arrived at the hospital you were just an hour old The bruise on your face was yet to be told Your mommy and daddy were as happy as could be As …

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A chronicle of Lola’s challenges and triumphs

Letter from Gigi and Pops

March 17, 2010 Dear Family & Friends: Four years ago today, Lola Marie Happel was delivered on the wings of an angel.  From the moment she was born we knew there was something special about her. Lola was born with a rare disease called Sturge-Weber Syndrome (SWS).  SWS is a congenital neurological disorder of unknown …

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