Happy Birthday Lola

Happy Birthday Lola

The day you were born was such a delight
I ran through Atlanta airport not about to miss my flight
I arrived at the hospital you were just an hour old
The bruise on your face was yet to be told

Your mommy and daddy were as happy as could be
As you were measured and weighed it was quarter past three
When I finally got to hold you I felt it so strong
The word Grandma was clearly and totally all wrong

Twenty-four hours later a new doctor you saw
She mentioned Sturge-Weber we knew nothing at all
We did not believe her we questioned her skills
But knew if we had to we would move mountains not hills

The strength that you’ve shown us in all you’ve gone through
My dear little Lola we will always be there for you
Today you turn five and everyone will know
Mommy will bring cupcakes and a St. Patrick’s day glow

Your songs are delightful
Your dance moves are fun
The princess inside you
Was discovered when you were one

Your little brother adores you
When you give him a clue
Those big eyes they sparkle
Like an ocean of blue

Your smile is infectious
You melt everyone’s heart
You’ve changed our lives forever
Right from the very start

So on your 5th birthday
Even though I’m not there
I’ll be singing and dancing
And twirling with flair

You see my dear Lola
Your sweetness is true
God sent us an angel
We believe that it’s you


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